It was attracted by my food stocks. But now it’s preying on me.  The hunter has become the hunted.

Stealth is everything. My weapon of choice is honed and light weight. I need to be swift, precise. A mis-strike here could prove my undoing.

Horrible lurking thing, could be glaring at me right now and I wouldn’t even know. Revolting thing. Smiling away. Rubbing its sticky hairy limbs together with glee. Taunting. Waiting to make its next move.

It’s gone to ground for now. Just be patient. Alert. It could come from anywhere. From behind, from above… Steady your nerve old man. You’ll see this through.

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. It’s forced me to take extreme countermeasures. I have yet to demonstrate my most lethal and cunning secret weapon yet: Foul language…

God $@%#”£% damn it, I hate flies!


Top photo credit: em-si Early in the morning via photopin (license)