These short stories are here for you to enjoy, free! I hope they entertain, amuse you and perhaps offer a bit of escapism from the rigours of the modern world. Sit back, relax and become immersed in the weird and wonderful world of Goatboy and his Satyr Tales!

These gems are designed for anyone who needs a bit of silliness and surrealness in their daily lives. While intended for young adults upwards parental guidance is highly advised, even if you are well in to your thirties. Within these pages roam rogue satirical works, thought provoking patter, uplifting morals, gag inducing japes, reckless word frivolity and mind numbing escapades. Satyr Tales are hereby published for the convenience of everybody and anybody who doesn’t mind large doses of insanity and the occasional sweary word.

So, what do you know? Your literary tastes will be satisfied if you are lucky enough to be a lover of Python, South Park, Roehl Dahl, Terry Pratchett, Simon Pegg, Kevin Smith, Fry & Laurie, Richard Curtis, Terry Gilliam, Spike Milligan etc. All very surreal, satirical and very, very silly stuff.

This site is also a shout out to other writers fretting about getting their stuff out there. It can be done if you believe in yourself! And of course if you have a WordPress site…so, y’know…GET ON WITH IT!!!

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Moreover, throughout my literary quest of enlightenment I have been lucky enough to befriend many other similarly minded artists of varying mediums and hope to feature links and shout-outs to their awesome works too, watch this space!

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