Nemeroth’s Dread Elves VS Ulthred’s Infernal Dwarves                        23/7/18


The Details:

Force Size:                                                          Warband, 3000pts

Deployment/ Primary Objective:             Encircle

Secondary Objective:                                    Spoil of War

Battle Beer:                                                        Old Speckled Hen and Heiniken.

Weather:                                                            It’s like almost 30 degrees! We’re British, we don’t do hot!

Setup and Deployment:

Ulthred’s Infernal Dwarves


Scott, aka Nemeroth used the T9A app to set up the field ahead of time and randomly determined the primary and secondary objectives. Worked well. Highly recommended. Would put a link in but I don’t know how!

Nemeroth’s Dread Legion (complete with Duplo allies, courtesy of Nemeroth Junior).


Jonbob aka Ulthred won the roll-off for choosing sides. He chose to take the attackers side only to deny the Reaper Bolt Throwers use of the hill (to save time Scott had already set up attacker/ defender deployment zones).


Scott elected JB to drop a unit first to start off deployment. After JB started to fill up his left flank with drops and Scott the centre, JB elected to just throw down and plump for the second turn. For reasons. Other than his Kadim Incarnates (proxied by minotaurs), he deployed left flank heavy.

The field of battle, complete with marked deployment zones, deployed armies and Battle Beer.

Initial Thoughts:

Nemeroth and Ulthred havn’t played against each other in ages. Furthermore Ulthred is trying out his new Infernal Dwarf list. He’s currently awaiting arrival of his IF army predominantly from nordbert minis. Go check ‘em out. Get models. Glue models. Paint models. Fight. In the meantime he’s proxying. But pretty self-explanatory, check out the photos.

JBs initial thoughts on the encounter:

Damn, Scotts gotta good well-thought out list!

Scotts initial thoughts:

  • ‘I don’t like Pyromancey.
  • I don’t like blunderbusses.
  • Even the smegging hobgoblins have poison. Don’t like them.
  • My armour is made of Paper Mache and woolly thinking.’

He thought he’d try grabbing a loot counter ASAP then killing off the Kadim Incarnates as quickly as possible then rounding on the rest of the ID army.

He had lots of chaff in his list and said, quote: ‘I’m going to be a dick!’

So both parties are worried about the others list. I don’t think Ulthred IDs have actually had a clash against Nemeroth’s Dread Legion before. Interesting times. Pride is at stake and drastic almost vertical learning curves all-round. I laughed heartily throughout. 🙂

The generals roll off for first turn and Scott gets it as JB wanted. For reasons. Cunningly wrought reasons I’m sure.


For the Dread Elf Sorceress:

2018-07-23 20.09.47

For the Acolytes:

2018-07-23 20.10.09

For the Medusa:

2018-07-23 20.09.51

For whatever reason I didn’t have a picture of Ulthred’s spells but he took Cascading Fire and Flaming Swords. Together with the Icon of the Inferno on the Immortals which gives them a second go with the Attribute Spell, Blaze.


Dread Elf Turn 1


The Spearelves march steadily towards the central loot deposit. The harpies hang back to enjoy watching the Reaper Bolt Thrower’s (RBTs) pincushion some Bad Dwarves. The Tower Guard and fast cavalry move to infuriate and pester the Kadim Incarnates.

The mighty Dread Elf host surge across the field and take up threatening positions.


NB- I suck at the magic phase because I’m too stupid to understand it, therefore I try and ignore it as best as possible. If you want finer detail about what actually happened ask Ulthred and Nemeroth!

Card 8 was drawn relinquishing 7-7 power dice each. Scott stored a healthy bunch of power for next turn and had a couple left over which he had to waste. No matter, plenty of time and power to be going on with.

So after exchanges it 9-7 power/ dispel dice.

-The Elven Sorceress General opened up the first magic phase of the game with Scrying on the Spearelves but failed to cast; however she regained a dice through fizzle.

-Grave Calls on the Kadim, Ulthred failed to dispel catastrophically; but luckily however, of all the mighty 3 hits the spell did only one wound went through. But FIRST BLOOD all the same. That deserves a beer surely…

-Stars Align but it was dispelled.


Both RBTs decided to whittle down the steadfast Hobgoblin Backstabbers, but only scored a pathetic 5 hits and 4 Ws. Still, better than a poke in the eye with a curvy dagger.

Infernal Dwarves Turn 1


The Kadim Incarnates failed their march test, due to the encroaching Dread Riders and Warlocks, so backed up and reformed to keep the fast cavalry and Tower Guard in their front arc.

The rest of the Infernal Army stomped across the field towards the DE centre.

2018-07-23 20.19.25
The Infernal dwarves stomp up to meet the Elfy threat.


Card 6, 6-6 dotted power cubes a piece.

-The Infernal Prophet and General released Haze of Magnesia on the Spearelves to make them flammable; it was just cast on 2D but Scott dispelled with 3.

-Cascading Fire went on the Medusa but failed to cast but 1 fizzle returned.

-Bubbled version of Flaming Swords to affect just about everybody in the main dwarven battle line, cast on 13 and with no dispel.

With that last cast the Infernal Dwarves got two goes with the Blaze attribute, the extra casting coming from the Icon of the Inferno on the Immortals standard bearer. One wounded the Medusa, but was aegised away. The other flambéed a Spearelf.


The Gunnery Team squirted their hot, sticky fluid all over the Spearelves making them annoyed and flammable for the foreseeable future. Take that pointy ears!

The Blunderbuss guys aren’t in range of anything yet, but watch this space.

Bad Elves Turn 2


No charges. The Acolytes passed a March test and whizzed round the back of the marauding Kadim Incarnates and got into spell and indeed charge range of the Gunnery Team.

The wiley Elven fast cavalry play havoc with the Dwarven line.


The Tower Guard close the gap with Kadim Incarnates daring them to charge and picking up a loot counter in the process.

The medusa slithered around the left flank of the Tower guard for support, cornering in the flying, fiery daemon things. The Dread Raiders got up all close and personal to the flamey guys baiting them to do something drastic and untoward.

The Spearelves continued to contest the centre objective, reforming to ensure the oncoming dwarf battle line was in their front arc.

The harpies squawked a bit then flew over to threaten the left flank of the Hobgoblins.


Card 5 was drawn, 5-5. Lots of power, in fact full house of 12.

-Stars Align on the nearest RBT with 2D and both fizzled! Bad show.

-Grave Calls from the Acolytes on the Gunnery Team. Even on 5D Nemeroth only got 13! JB/ Ulthred used his entire pool to dispel but failed by one! But with 2 fizzles mind you. The mind boggles.

Again, as before, only 3 hits were scored on the Gunnery Team. Two wounds with no AS.

3 Power dice left…

-Scrying on the Spearelves rolling out of the box and poor Ulthred had no chance of dispelling with only 2D.


The RBT on the outskirts of the Elven army wounded 3 of the Disciples of Lugar but one of them made their damn Aegis save.

The RBT near the sorceress profusely pelted and eventually downed the Gunnery Team. The Infernal Prophet and his bodyguard of Blunderbuss fail the resultant panic test and headed toward the back field! Seriously?…I believe they were just out of BSB range. But still that sucks!

Infernal Dwarves Turn 2



The Kadim Incarnates attempted to charge over the Dread Raiders and into the Medusa but failed and had to pretty much remain where they were in front of the aforementioned fast cavalry.

Poor, poor Ulthred…The Prophet and his blunderbuss boys fail to rally and manage to high tail it off the board!!!!!! WTF? Bad karma…Game over so soon? Lets see…

The Hobgoblin Backstabbers scramble through the field on the Dwarven left flank collecting a loot token in the process.

The Disciples of Lugar career across the table to get into the faces of the Spearelves; closely followed by the Immortals in hot pursuit.

Graaagh! Angry Bad Dwarves contest the centre objective: Gold!

No magic, it fled off the table already!

No shooting either, it’s all either dead or fled of the table already! Poor, poor Ulthred. There was no need for that Lady Luck. I think she’s a bit hot and flustered.

Dread Elves Turn 3


No charges. Not even from the Spearelves outstaring the Disciples of Beardyness. The medusa slinks back over to the other side of the Tower Guard ready to support the Spear Elves against the Lugar Disciples. like a dark, silent, iron behemoth through calm waters The Tower Guard float over towards the incoming Immortals. They were completely ignoring the Kadims now. They not afraid of nuttin’!

The Sorceress lines up behind the medusa ready to unleash magical mayhem.

2018-07-23 21.06.14
The story so far. Note the complete absence of the Infernal Dwarf General…

Stars Align Phaze:

Card 7, 6-6.

-Stars Align on the Spear Unit staring down the Disciples, its cast and the beleaguered Infernal Dwarves let it go.

-Grave Calls on the Immortals to whittle their number down before the inevitable tidal wave of combat. Scott managed to miscast on 4’s. I can’t read my notes but JB realised the resultant miscast wouldn’t harm the Sorceress much so he went for a dispel…and made it! What are the chances?


Both RBTs aim at the Disciples, or Nearly Naked Dwarves as they shall now be known (N.N.D.), scoring 8 hits and doing 6 wounds. Appallingly not 1 Aegis save is made.

Infernal Dwarves Turn 3

Stunty Stumblings:

The Nearly Naked Dwarves fail a cunningly wrought charge against the not too distant medusa now in the centre of the Elf Battle Line.

Woe is me, the Kadim Incarnates try an even more cunning conceived charge over the blocking Dark Raiders and in to the flank of the Tower Guard. JB even called it/ declared it saying in a loud and happy voice, ‘as long as I don’t roll triple 1s I’m in’…guess what happened. I’m not making this up. I have witnesses.

Normally Ulthred is the fluky lucky one! So the Incarnates couldn’t move at all as they were still blocked by the Raiders.

2018-07-23 21.17.31
A typical turn for the Kadim Incarnates, stuck in a traffic jam with some annoying fast cavalry…


Dread Elf Turn 4


The Spear Elves charge into the Nearly Naked Dwarves supported by the seething medusa; finally time for some blood!

The Tower guard move up to guard the flank of the medusa and threaten the Immortals, daring them to join the slaughter. Come at me!


Card 11, 5-5.

Scott stores 3 and exchanges a few making it 6-5

-Grave Calls on the Immortals sacrificing a couple of harpies in the process and using 4D to cast…But Ulthred dispels it on only 3D!

-Stars Align on the Spearelves, the cast attempt failed on 2D but retained both as they fizzled on snake eyes.

-Scrying on the Spearelves which JB failed to dispel.

Pew-Pew Phaze:

Both RBTs unleash pointy hell on the Hobgoblins trying to panic them. 8 Hits out of 12, sigh…only 2ws….yup…good idea though.


The medusa goes mental on the Nearly Naked Dwarves doing a sexy 5 hits and a respectable 3 wounds…but JBs canny ability to roll aegis saves returns with vigour and two are warded away to the ether.

The Spearelves jab away like fanatics doing a ton of hits, a few wounds and a whole bunch of 1s. Thanks to the Dread Elves inherent rule which I can’t remember the name of right now, they were rerolled. 4Ws total. 3 Aegised away, only 1W!

2018-07-23 21.27.13
Finally, proper battle is joined. Limbs and beards go flying everywhere!

The N.N.D.s return fire only hitting on 4s due to the Elven magic. Even so, they still managed to do a scary amount of damage. One elf managed to shrug off a wound with a lucky armour save but 5 of his kinsman were trampled under stubby feet.

The Disciples of Lugar then went on to use their Volcanic Embrace (a bit like a flaming stomp if you will). I believe another handful of elves died in a crispy, crunchy, smokey kinds of ways and a wound went on the snake lady.

The nearly Naked Dwarves win 10-7. The Steadfast Spearelves held but the medusa decides to leg it back through the Tower guard.

Infernal Dwarves Turn 4


The brave and quite possibly deranged Immortals charge the Tower Guard.

The sneaky Backstabbers charge the furthermost RBT.

The Kadim Incarnates manage to pass their frenzy test and flap in front of the fleeing medusa hoping to catch a few easy points.

2018-07-23 21.48.08
Hell bent on revenge, the Immortals career into the Elven Elite. Could this be the turning point of the battle?


The RBT crew swipe first at the Hobgoblin Backstabbers but managed to roll snake eyes to hit.

The massed ranks of the Backstabbers go back and, predominantly through poisoned hits, crush the thing entirely. Luckily the other RBT is out of panic range. The Hobgoblins reform to face the other artillery piece whilst keeping their knobbly, green backsides out of charge arc of the Acolytes loitering in their back field.

The Spearelves again unleash spikey, jabby wrath upon the beleaguered Disciples of Bare Nakedness. 8 fricking wounds! But naturally Ulthred managed to somehow ward save 5 of those away…yup…

The Disciples of Nudity hack and slash back downing 5 stick armed elfies. 3 more were spit roasted by Volcanic Embrace.

The Nearly Naked Dwarves won easily but the Steadfast Elves held their ground bitterly.

The Champion of the Immortals issues a duel which is taken up by the Tower Guard champion.

The Assassin makes way to the Dwarven BSB and boshes his potion of Dwarf-Eradication and Spite. He takes a wound from this vile brew but it’s totally worth it as he minces the Dwarf BSB before he can strike back- 4 Hits, 3 wounds with no armour save allowed (they were divine attacks too but the BSB had no aegis anyway). Unfortunately the Immortals are now no longer stubborn through bodyguard.

The Elf Champion blitzes the Immortals champion before he can swing racking up 3 wounds total for over kill. Ouch. When pointy eared peeps want something dead they go the whole hog…damn! I believe the Dwarf champion may have had an armour save left over but didn’t manage to make it.

The Tower Guard go mental doing 10 wounds. Three dwarves get lucky armour saves.

The Immortals go doing 7 hits and 7 wounds. Carnage! Fat and skinny bloodied cadavers everywhere!

There was discussion and banter between the generals, it was hot and sticky and we couldn’t count properly or talk without sweating, therefore the Immortals failed their discipline check and broke.

The Tower Guard, still thirsty for blood pursued and ran them down. Ulthred decided to call the game there.

2018-07-23 21.58.35
The Tower Guard over run the defeated Immortals effectively ending the game there. Time for a beer me thinks…


Reflections and Genuflections:

ScottWow. I’m glad we drew 2nd objective as I wasn’t too sure how the combats would go.

In all probability the Hobgoblins could have caught the last RBT before proper battles-end. The Spearelves, it was just a matter of time before the Lugar naked-ed them to death. But they held their own for ages despite the carnage. Kudos.

The one-shot/ suicidal assassin did exceptionally well. Did his job and didn’t get killed in the process! Bonus.

I had loads of chaff and they all played their part exceptionally well. In the end I don’t think I actually lost any of those units. Miracle. They were all so brave under the circumstances!

But on that note, if the Infernal guns, blunder buss and weapons team, hadn’t evaporated off the battlefield so early then it would have been a totally different story. It’s as if those troops were designed to clear chaff.

Shoddy f-ing luck for JB. Better luck next time mate.

I haven’t noted down JBs reflections as he was far too busy having a heart attack; but I’m sure they’d go down something a lot like this: F*&KING $%^&, BAS*&^! C*&T!

But for reals, Ulthred was incredibly calm depite all the odds and showed an immense and dramatic display of courage and sportsmanship. As his general/ wizard went down he knew he was f%*ked by the end of turn 2; but he didn’t back down, didn’t throw in the towel and didn’t hold back. Quiet the opposite in fact, he just filed the experience under P for piss-poor-luck. It was unavoidable and will probably never happen again. So instead he got stuck in no matter what the cost. CHARGE! That’s the game.


ScottEverything worked well. I’d have to give the award to the most central RBT who iced the Gunnery Team and sent the enemy general and only wizard and his retinue heading for the hills.

Chaff played a huge part.

I’m incline to agree. Some may say Scott went a little too chaff heavy but I think that was a great balance and counter pointy to his fight-y stuff, it allowed his swift and choppy units to engage what they wanted to kill straight off the bat completely and unmolested by anything he didn’t want to or didn’t have to fight straight away. Boom. Sexy elf plays.

JBThe Disciples of Nearly Nakedness chomped through a disgusting amount of spear elves and may have even succeeded in eating the whole unit afore games-end. Yay the Hobgoblin Backstabbers for levelling up on the secondary Objective and over running an artillery piece.

I believe his list was great and between fire, shooty and spell synergies he would have easily swept away all the marauding fast cav. And impacted on the main elf battle line. It would have been really interesting to see what Scott would have done and what events unfolded instead.

Hopefully JB doesn’t take this defeat to heart because none of it was his fault just tiddle-poor dice rolls. Mainly Discipline checks. He can’t have learnt much because nothing got to play the way he wanted/ need it to. Next time matey. REMATCH!!! GRUDGE MATCH!


After a brief and sweaty tot up it seemed Scott killed 2133 points worth of Bad Dwarves.

The venerable Ulthred managed to skim 180 points worth of Bad Elves.

Both sides got a loot token but no-one got the last one so the 2nd objective couldn’t be claimed. There was a 1953 difference so more than likely a 20-0 victory to the Sneaky Elves of House Nemeroth. Well played on both sides gentleman. Until the next time.

Take care and be good,

The Satyr