Beast Herds VS Fiery Death Dwarves of Power.

Pointage:                             4000pts

Deployment:                     Meeting engagement

Secondary:                         Spoils of War.

Magical Tricekry:

The Fire Dwarves took the usual, hereditary Haze of Magnesia, Cascading Fire and Flaming Swords, along with their race specific bound item that heals wounds on the massive fiery bull monster thing.

Ulthred had a very rare and precious Tuesday evening off from small folk and wifely folk so thought he’d spend it wisely by furthering his mind and expanding his horizons. Then he thought, ‘sod that, I’ll play Ninth Age and have a few beers instead!’ Two battle in a week for me, yay!

So we’d already commenced the carnage before I remembered I was supposed to be documenting it. But you haven’t missed much; just a quick, fiendish surgical execution of my poor beasties…they haven’t been doing too good of late.

The Infernal Dwarves pretty much dropped everything to get the first turn then raced across the table toward my startled battle line.

I was pretty much done for in two turns, almost entirely surrounded, my general’s Wildhorn block had been blasted and zapped and reduced to just 9 warriors and his good self. My centre block of Longhorns had gradually been wittled down by greenskinned slaves and everything other than the mongrels was dead.

2018-10-23 19.59.47
Graarrgh! The Infernal Dwarves crash into the Beast Herds on turn 2!

In a last desperate move, my Beast Lord Grargh and his remaining warriors charged the Gunnery Team blasting them with white hot spumey death, attempting to get out of the charge arcs of the blunderbuss guys and the big beasty thing, Incarnate Bull Guy?

My centaurs, the only unit capable of damaging the Infernals biggest monster whiffed entirely and the big fiery bull thing smashed them into the dirt bar the champion who amazingly managed to hang on in there despite all odds and logical thought. After that the Infernal Sorcerer/ general had plenty of time to bring the big monsters wounds back up again with his bound item.

So that was my left flank crushed.

In the centre, my BSB, Baaa, held on valiantly against a multiple charge by the majority of the enemy.

Originally the Gortach and Longhorns used the chafing Hobgoblin wolf riders as a stepping stone to overrun-charge into a bunch of orcs cavorting about behind them. Hopefully they’d over run them in good order and see about killing the general and BSBs bunker in the back field and scatter the remaining slave units.

However, naturally the plan didn’t work. The Gortach and Longhorns failed to make the distance to the orcs by an inch each…even though they only needed to make an average roll.

2018-10-23 20.00.02
The Infernal Dwarves set about enveloping the enemy. The fire tokens means he’s got bubbled Flaming Swords on…sigh…

Therefore it left the orcs and hobgoblins free to get stuck in next turn, dual charging both units. Furthermore the Immortals managed to flank the Gortach. Oh dear.

In the ensuing combat I naturally forgot all the Gortachs special rules but he managed to make a good example of himself anyway. The longhorns and himself targeting the squishier enemy and racking up enough wounds to win the combat.

The Gortach got himself badly mauled by the Immortals and all three of the enemy units held. Which was remarkable because otherwise it would have bust the infernal dwarves line wide open.

But eventually, the Gortach got pulled down after being unable to raise any wounds back quick enough. The longhorns held firmly only due to the BSB and bodyguard. This allowed the mongrel spears to smash into the flank of the hobgoblins. Oucheroo!

2018-10-23 19.59.58
Although the Mongrels pile into his flank Ulthred looks on with immense pleasure, a hearty: Mwah, ha, ha, haaaa! uponst his lips.

However, as they closed with the enemy, Moo the shaman attempted a boosted Awaken the Beast to protect the Gortach but exploded spectacularly effectively ending the actual real Beast Herds magic for the game.

Between the mongrels and Longhorns they smash the green tide and sent them fleeing right back through their minder the giant. The Mongrels turned to face the incoming behemoth while the long horns angled to keep both the aforementioned monster and the immortals in their front arc.

Of course the Immortals easily make it in while the rest of their comrade units encroach on the beleaguered remnants of beasts. Naturally the Longhorn failed thier Primal fury test, twice. and were smashed to bits. I think they managed to hold due to reroll and bodyguard/ stubborn, but the entire slave brigade rally and start making thier way back to the battle.

2018-10-23 20.34.27
The cream of both armies duke it out in the centre but its just delaying the inevitable…

My gargoyles had made their way over to the left flank to try and fore stall the Big Fiery Bull Thing from flanking my dwindling force.

Although my Beast Lord and his handful of warriors crushed the lone Gunnery Team, they over ran only a small handful of inches…neatly into the flight path of the Big Fiery Bull Thing and the blundbuss bunker. Sigh…

The loot objective markers didn’t even get a look in all game, ignored by both sides, but had we played on Ulthred would easily have had time to collect them. The inevitable happened and my general was forced to high tail it away from the behemoth monster, fleeing right through the blunderbi bunker, the giant, the jailer giant and his fleeing greenskin slaves. I don’t think there were many Wildhorns left after that. Certainty the champion died to DTs. They were very much decimated.

Only one unit of ambushers bothered to turn up. They tried to coordinate their attack with the desperate charge of their beast Lord and perhaps rear end the shooty monster deamon engine thing, but they were promptly panicked away by the…I believe a combination of shooting and magic. Sigh.

So all done by turn 3 with enough of the evening left to sit about and talk rubbish with a beer.

2018-10-23 20.34.31
Incoming! Things don’t look peachy for the dwindling beastie ranks.

Anyways, results er, Beasts nothing, Infernal Dwarves, everything. Well I suppose I killed the wolf riders and decimated one of the orc units.

Whereas, although I called it early JB/ Ulthred would have stomped over everything so would have been a 20-0. Congrats Ulthred the Feared!


Oh well, back the Beastly drawing board…

‘Til next time!

The Satyr.