6 Nov 18

Front line Clash

Spoils of war

App Map 7

I won the roll to chose sides. No idea why I choose the south. Prettier i guess?

After a drop-off each Nemeroth threw everything down, concentrating his forces on the western flank. We didn’t even need to roll off for the first turn.



The wolf riders, Muttznutt’s Pupz, didn’t take the opportunity to gain ground but the Dark Raiders did.

Dread Elf Turn 1

2018-11-06 19.43.22
The Dark Contingent lunge forward as one.


The Elven BSB has a magic titfer and used it to cast Crippling Fatigue (Crip Fat) on something but I used my whole pool to dispel it.

The Medusa cast Deceptive Glamour (DG) on Da Chompaz (Gnasher Herd) along with the attribute to hamper their progress and combat prowess.

The Acolytes (I think!) attempted Ice n Fire (InF) on Da Splatta, but failed to cast.



The chariots’ crossbows peppered Da Chompaz, but no kills.

The Pegasus Captain smoked one of Muttznuttz Pupz with his crossbow.

The swarthy Pirates also shoot at the Wolf Riders, only scoring 5 hits and 3W, but all are saved by the sneaky wretches armour!


Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Gnashers Turn 1

2018-11-06 19.54.00
Muttznutt’s Pupz don’t want anything to do with the marauding Pirate Elves. They too spikey!

Muttsnutz Pups charge the pirates, 3 get wasted as a result of stand and shoot and flee like hell.

N.O.C. … erm, no idea what that meant. No Ovulating Canaries?

The rest of the Green line amble forward, unsure how to traverse the water feature in centre field.


Da Splatta misses entirely and the Git Chukka misfired, jamming until turn 3.


Dirty Elves Second Go

2018-11-06 19.59.06
Muttsnutt’s Pups flee further from the the corsairs as the Pegasus captain crashes in to Da Splatta.


The Peg Cap charges the Da Splatta.

The pirates chase off the Wolf Rider then try and re direct into the Git Launcher but fail their test.


Know Thy Enemy (KTE) on the Tower Guard. Failed to cast but with 1 fizz.

Crip Fat on Da Chompaz. No result? No note. I might have let it go because I didn’t envisage charging next turn.

InF on the Gnasher Herd, I used 5D to dispel.

DG on squigs, I kept 2D left to dispel.



The Chariot shoots off a Gnasher. And that’s it!


The peg captain hits and wound with all attacks, the crew do nothing and are mashed to a pulp, the cap elected not to over run.

2018-11-06 19.58.54
The Peg’ Capn’ splats Da Splatta!

OnG Turn 2

The Cave Trolls charge the Acolytes who flee. The trolls try to redirect but can’t reach the Tower Guard.

Everyone else wanders about distractedly.


Dead Elks Turn 3


The chariot declares on Da Chompaz but doesn’t have the legs…or wheels to contact, even though it was an average roll needed; as per Nemeroth’s discussion several moments earlier, the easy charges with high impact units (chariots and knights) never seem to get average or above.

The Acolytes fail to rally and wind up less than an inch from the edge of the field.

2018-11-06 20.31.15
The Acolytes fail to rally! Not to worry however, this is why BSBs come on horse back…


The spears collected the loot token last turn and either amble up or backwards to maintain the line and not be in easy charge range.

The Spearelves wisely follow the plan and collect the loot.

The Pirates and Peg surround Da Chompaz. Its looking bad for the little blighters.



The Medusa again invoked Deceptive Glamour, but I managed to dispellificate it once more.

Know Your Enemy, curtesy of the BSB, was then cast on 5D with no miscast. Gah! Nemeroth got a phenomenal score and even though i had a bunch of dice left it wasn’t going to be enough.


The Pirates harass Da Chompaz some more, killing 6 Gnashers! Ouch!

The Peg Cap shoots the Gnashers as well but causes no damage.


Orc and Goblin Turn 3

I’m in decidedly bad shape but I’ve got one chance to bust out of this massacre with my green head held aloof. So I Called the war cry.

The Stompaz charge the chariot hopefully scaring it away so they can redirect and crash into the Tower Guard. The chariot does flee, the Trolls do manage to redirect, but even with Move 7 and swift stride the trolls fall short of the taunting elven elite. Damn and buggerrations!

Da Chompaz try the same thing on the harpies, intending to re-direct into the Spearelves holding the loot. The harpies flee but the Gnashers fail to get in aswell!

And that’s me f£%ked!

The Git Launcher sorts itself out and manages to squish a couple of the Tower Guard. Big Whoop. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even notice.


Lead Freds Turn 4

2018-11-06 20.58.47
In an extraordinary feat of daring-do, the roguish pirates charge through the ruins to flank the Chompaz, closely followed by the Spearelves in support. In for a penny, in for a pound.

The Pirates charge through the ruins into Da Chompaz, losing 2 guys to DTs, effectively buggering their only rank. But they don’t seem to care.

The Medusa slithers and writhes about the place and gets in to the Git Launcher. Can it possibly get any worse? Yes, of course it can.

The Spears are on a roll for the glory stakes and assault the front the Gnasher Herd.

With the help of the re positioned BSB on horseback, the chariot rallies as does the acolytes and the Harpies.


BSB miscasts Know Thy Enemy on spears on 3×3. I had to dispel as It wouldn’t of done him any bad but very much would to me.

Ice and Fire on the Cave Trolls but failed to cast because of their inherent Magic Resistance.

Decepitve Glamour on the Gnashers again, but i was ready and had kept a deuce of dice back and dispelled it.



The Pirates slap the Gnashers silly doing lotsa hits, with only a couple of inherent re-rolls, 10 dead!

The spearselves themselves kill a good 6.

Da Chompaz finally get to swing and Kill a measly 2 pirates and 8 spears. 21-10 for the elves.

The defeated Gnasher Herd explodes; 2 corsairs make their 6+ armour save, but 2 spears and 2 orcs die disgustingly with Gnasher goo everywhere.

The Spearselves over run needing at least 6 to get out the orcs arc of charge and make it… just. Damn them.

The Medusa does a couple of wounds on the GL, the crew do naff all back and the thing is overrun. The Medusa turns back to face the remnants of the green ‘Army’.


Orc and Goblin Turn 4

Charges, er, none.

And that’s it!


Slave Reed Turn 5 

The Acolytes make it into the flank of the Cave trolls, the TG get into their front and the peg captain gets into the other flank.



KTE on the Trolls, dispelled with all.

DG on trolls, can’t dispel.

Attribute on spears.


The pirates shot 3 orcs in the face.



2018-11-06 21.21.08
Da Stompaz are caught between a rock, a hard place and a dingy smelly, fetid latrine.

The Peg Cap hacks away at the Cave Trolls doing 2 hits and 2 W but both were fortitudeded away.

The actual flying horsey thing kicks away doing a wound but that too is fortitudeddeded.

The TG go nuts doing a billion hits, 10W, 2 are Armour Saved and 2 are fortitudificated.

A troll on the flank pummels away at the Cap Peg managing to put 2W through despite the caps awesome defence.

With hits and stomps the trolls only manage to do 6W. Its 14-6 against and the trolls could have stuck on snake eyes…but didn’t. They flee and are caught by something abominable. Possibly the Tower Guard who are just having far too much fun if you ask me.

2018-11-06 21.40.22
Da Stompaz leg it towards the apparent safety of Da Idol.

I hope fellow greenskin players wont hate me, but I call it there.

2018-11-06 21.42.18.jpg
Da Boyz are surrounded and don’t have long left in this world.

Its a massive 19-1 for the elves as they got the secondary and virtually annihilated my forces. Congrats Nemeroth, swell representation for your pointy eared kin. Toast him generals, toast him well!

Dread Elves MVP: the army! Either spears for managing the loot or the Tower Guard for killing the most points out of my army which incidentally was worth more than the secondary objective.

The Chariot was crap apparently, it only killed 2 Gnashers with fire arms and failed 2 charges. Mind you it didn’t give its points away and evaded getting charged a few times.

OnG MVP: None. Nobody did anything. I cant even remember how i got a point.

I guess my army choice was ok, it’ll probably be revisited in the future, but i cant really comment as my deployment was so bad and every thing got killed! Next time my plan will revolve around not dithering and hitting some elves asap. That’s as detailed as my plans get.

And i must apologies to Nemeroth, I just realised I didn’t take A stupidity test with my trolls through out the game. I’m a damn liar and a cheat and deserved to loose. As penance, i shall skinny dip in Da Dropz.

Be good to one another.


The Satyr.