Welcome to my IX Age tales page! Nerds unite!

Feel free to peruse my short fan fiction, based in the aforementioned fantasy world. Hover over the menu entry and see what I’ve got going on on.

The majority are precursors to a game, or its aftermath. Some are a prelude to a series of matches or a campaign. Some may be general background fluff to characters, scenarios and campaigns. Where possible, plausible or relevant, there may be a short introduction explaining how the story came about and the characters therein.

As always, I need and appreciate your comments in order to better my craft. Please read and comment constructively. Set to it!

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Disclaimer – please note that I am in no way connected with Games Workshop in any way. These are my own transformative fictional stories and are in no way intended for monetary gain. They only use a small portion of any original concepts of the aforementioned company and/or its affiliates and are in no way a substitute for their original works. Furthermore, please don’t sue as I’m a penniless goatboy who lives in a cave in the woods!

Contrariwise, if you are an emissary from The Black Library and like what you read, get in touch! Everybody else, sit back relax and enjoy!

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