Lord Nemeroth’s army was awake and ready to move before dawn. It was the last day of their slaving raid and had to make good before returning to the Iron Tower. His scouts and fast cavalry had worked hard for the last fortnight baiting disparate groups of Beast folk and bringing them together in one central location: A crude monolith to their heathen gods but with an added surprise; A gift if you will. A score of the least useful geriatric slaves already chained to the loathsome henge and enough sour liquor to flatten an armada.

       The chieftain of the Raven Cloaks had returned at midnight to confirm everything was set and the now the entirety of the enormous contingent of beastly things were laying in a drunken comma after a day and a night of drunken debauchery in the forest. Sensing an easy victory  Nemeroth’s Sorceress lieutenant, Lady Lathermeup, was dispatched at once to round them up.

     To further ensure his ultimate victory, he had already put into motion a cunningly devised ploy with which to sow confusion and chaos and string the larger force out. By stealing the totems and fetishes they’d been capering round all night the herd would be lulled into a chase. A chase that would leave then spread thinly about the surrounding lands and easy prey to flank assault by his cunningly concealed Gladiator Dancers of Yema. The game was afoot!


The Clash:       Dread Elves VS Beast Herds

The Cash:        3000 points

The Dash:        Dawn Assault

The Stash:       Spoils of War


Moo, the Beast Herds Shammy, took the Shamanism Lore and the spells Swarm of Insects and Awaken the Beast. He had a Magical Heirloom to hand so rustled up the Beasts Heredity Spell too but he was that addled he forgot to use it all game. He didn’t really get a spell off all game so only experienced a brief flutter with the shamanism attribute Scarification.

The Dread Elf sorceress rolled with Divination and conjured up Scrying, Fate’s Judgement and the Elven Hereditary Spell, Crippling Fatigue.

The field of conquest!


Some Wildhorns with throwing weapons laid in ambush, as did a bunch of Longhorns.

As it was a Dawn Assault, the Dread Elves set their unit of Dancers in ambush.

Naturally, Ollie the Giant started off good and drunk.

Pictorial evidence and scribing by Ulthred the Feared. Unfortunately my tablets’ camera is crap so forgive the fuzz and lack of usable pictures.

Battle booze:   An assortment, ranging from common domestic lager to cheap nasty co-op whiskey and 2 very fine bottles of Merlot. Cheers Nemeroth!

Vanguards and scout? Possibly. The Feral Hounds lolloped about the place a bit. The Raven Cloaks ensconced themselves in the field in the East.

The Dread Elf Deployment.
The Beast Herds deployment.

Dread Elf Turn 1

Charges?:        None. Not one. Its early doors yet, hold your horses.

See photo for other moves.

The Elves approach no-mans land.

Magic: Card III, 6-5.

The sorceress weaved Crippling Fatigue on the Giant, Ollie, cast with No Dispel Attempted (NDA).

Then Boosted Fates on giant scored 17, 4W. Ow.

Shooting:         The Ravencloaks shot the poor beleaguered Ollie but didn’t damage him luckilly.


Beastly Beasts Turn 1

Mad Dash at the Enemy Phaze:          None.

See photo.

The mortally wounded Ollie tries to get out of harms way and contest an objective.
Let the chaff game commence!

The Beast Herd battle line try and rearrange them selves so they are not so bottle necked.

Magic:             card VII, 8-6. 2 stored. Moo opened with boosted Awaken the Beast on Longhorns to improve their Resilience. Cast. NDA.

He then unleashed Swarm of Insects on the Sorceress but the miasma of invertebrates was dispelled with all her dice pool.

Less than encouraging start.


Deadly Elves 2

Charges:          The writhing Medusa charged the yapping dogs.

Hisssss! Yip!

See photo. Ambushing dancers entered.

The Ravencloaks go on a gargoyle hunt.
The Dancers of Yema enter from the flank at such a canter the camera goes all fuzzy.

Magic:             Card VIII 10-7. 2 stored.

The sultry snake lady cast Deceptive Glamour on chariots to hamper their progress. NDA.

Fates Judgement boosted on Ollie. Dispelled, just, with all my dice.

Crippling Fatness also went on the giant. NDA, because I couldnt.


Shooting:         The marauding Ravenscouts I assume shot giant. Not sure about damage.


Combat:           The malingering medusa wiped out the dogs before they could strike. First blood to the dastardly Dread Elfs!


Beleaguered Herds Turn 2

Charges:                      Ollie the Giant staggered into the Spearelfies, auto in. The unimpressed Spearelves passed their terror test.

The Mongrel spears thought quite a lot of themselves and dashed into combat with the medusa.

Remaining Moves:      see photo.

Both ambushing units failed to show up. Still in a drunken stupor obviously.

Magic:             Card V, 8-5, 3 stored.

Baaa, the BSB and Greater Totem Bearer cast the blooded horn on the Mongrels, NDA.

Moo conjured Awaken the Furriness on the Longhorns boosting their Resilience to 5. NDA. He probably just earnt himself Scarification but I probably forgot.

The fell flies appeared in an attempt to Swarm the harpies, but this was dispelled.

Combat:           The uncharacteristically courageous Mongrels passed their fear test. Albeit with succour from nearby Baaaa, the Beastherd’s BSB.

The slick Medusa despatched a couple of the mangy mongrels before they managed to jab her to death with their crude spears.

The Mongrel Spears rush the Medusa.

The disciplined Spearelves passed their fear test and impaled the giant before he could swing. Sigh.


Dirty Elves Turn 3

Charges:          No charges.

Remaining Moves:      See photos. The Raptor Knights take the hill and centre Totem.

Magic:             card I. 5-4. 3 stored.

Scrying on Dancers…NDA.

Cripply Fat on the Longhorns. Dispelled, luckilly.

Shootage:        The Ravenfolk attempt to route the Gargoyles; they pin cushioned 3 of the flappy things but they passed panic test.


Beast Hairs Turn 3

Chargation:     No charges. See photo.

Other Moves:  Both ambushers arrived. Better late than never. I suppose. See photo.

Some BHs ambushers turn up but the damage is already done. Furthermore the Spearelves have already claimed the Eastern most totem.

Magic:             Card 16-4. 1 stored.

The Longhorns champion evoked the Clouded Eye Totem to try and protect his unit. NDA.

Moo tried Swarm of Insects again but on the Dancers this time, but it was dispelled.

Shooting:         The recently arrived Wildhorns threw a bunch of randombattlefield parifinalia generally in the direction of the dancers. No damage ensued.


Damn Elves Turn 4

Charge!:          The Dread Elf BSB on Winged Beasty attempted to charge over the building into the chariots. I think he Failed?

Remnant Manoeuvres:           See photos. The Raptor Knights with the centre loot back up further behind the hill.

The Raptor Knight snatch the centre Totem then get the hell out of dodge

Magic:             Card V, 9-5. None stored.

Fates Judicial Verdict on the Wildhorn ambushers, NDA, but only a mere 1W scored.

Scrying on the Dancers, dispelled just by 1.

Plinking:          The irascible ravens shoot off 3 Longhorns.


Hairy Herds Turn 4

Galloping:                    I wanted to call it here because I knew I’d already lost and there was no way to get the loot back. Rather than call it an early night I decide to give Scott some easy fun and let him mop up. Time for some suicide charges!

The Chariots charge the harpies who hold. The Wild Horns do a sneaky but long charge on the Sorceress hiding on the other side of her spears, but she fled. They failed to redirect into the Spearelves and ended up in auto flank charge range of the aforementioned unit. The Longhorns charge the mincing machine that are the Dancers.

The rest of the Beasty menagerie amble about in a beffudled state.

Magic:             Card VII, 6-5.

Baaa, the BSB invoked his Greater Totem to cast Black Wing on his Longhorn bodyguard. This was to make them strike before the Dancers, however it was dispatched with consummate ease.

Swarm of Insectoids went on the Sorceress, it was let through or the dispel was failed but the mini beasties did no damage what so ever. It was something like 14 hits, 4W, 3 saved? Something like that. So maybe one went through.

Fights:              The chariots run over the harpies and stop next to the Mongrel Spears.

The Dancers do what they do and slay 6 Longhorns with ease. The languid Longhorns strike and manage to kill a mighty…2 whole Dancers…hmmmm. Lovely. Good work guys.

Baaa swings but the 1 wound he gets through is aegised away as well. Luckily he passes the resultant break check only because of the re-roll and bodyguard.


The Gladiator Girls mash the Longhorns to a pulp!


Dirty Elves Turn 5

Charges:          The Spearelves charge the flank of the Wildhorn ambushers who flee and manage to out run them.

The Elf Spears chase of the ambushing Wildhorns.

The Elven BSB charges the chariots who flee too, however the only escape a tiny amount and are caught in the jaws and claws of the Winged Beasty of Doom.

The valiant Mongrels pass their panic! Whom would have thought?

Other Moves:  The Sorceress rallies herself and turns her mount back toward the centre field. See photo.

Magic:             Card IV. 8 – 5. 1 stored.

Fate of Judgment went on the Gargoyles, which wipes ‘em out, no dispel attempted.

Crippling Fattiness went on the Longhorns, which Moo failed to dispel. Sigh.

Shot:                The Ravencloaks snipe 3 Wildhorns.

Hitting:            The Dastardly Dancers kill 7 of the elite beasts. The lethargic Longhorns go back and kill a whopping 3 gladiator girls. Baaa fails to achieve anything significant. The Dancers win again easily but I call the game there.

End game. 2 objectives and a goodly chunk of points secured for the Elves.

Result:             Hmmm, a resounding defeat for the Beasties and a huge success for the Elfies. Ulthred and Nemeroth, anybody know what the actual score was? Let’s just make it easy and say 20-0. Nemeroth got the 2nd objective and in a couple of phases more he would have tabled me. Fine work sirs! More slaves for the mines!

Wrap Up:

I need to work harder on my Beasties, I’m still in Greenskin mentality. More monsters required! Less Totems to be taken. More luck paramount. Less alcohol to be consumed before deployment phase.

Huge credit to Scott/ Nemeroth. Although he took the initiative/ first turn and made progress with a well thought out rush list, once a bunch of points were secured he did the wise thing and backed off. Most unlike him! Good list choice, a little bit of everything working in unison.

Kindest regards and let there be rock.

The Satyr.