Gosh, another nail biting, cliff hanging, knife edge tottering climatic clash. What better way to celebrate King Ulthred’s 40th Birthday than with a great big smash up and having his bottom handed to him by a bunch of girly elves!

Unfortunately due to road works, road closures and general incompetence we were late starting the battle; Hence why this piece is entitled ‘Short But Sweet’. That’s my excuse as to why the quality of the writing and pictographical evidence is pants. But hey ho, enjoy!

Observe Mrs Lord Nemeroth surveying the carnage from her custom made royal throne!

2018-09-03 19.21.07

The Details:

Forces:                                           Nemeroths’ Dread Elves VS Ulthreds’ Infernal Dwarves.

Army Size:                                          3000 points.

Lists:                                                      Ask the generals!

Deployment Type:                          Battle line.

Secondary Objective:                    Secure Target.

Deployment Zones:                        JB/ Ulthred won sides, took the side with a field and hill on it.

Scott/ Nemeroth did a couple of drops before lobbing the majority of his army down. Thereby winning first turn.

The Dread Elf Battle Line


2018-09-03 19.40.22
The Sorceresses Magical Arsenal.


2018-09-03 19.57.29
The Standard ID Magic


Vanguards And Scouts:      The Naughty Hobgoblin Wolf Riders whizz across the ID far right flank, shielded by the house.

The scout take up position mid field on the opposite flank ready to pin cushion the Gunnery Team.

Battle Beer: Substandard lager. Left overs from Ulthreds 40th Birthday weekend.

Dread Elf Turn 1

Moves– Observe:

The Dastardly Dread Elf Advance.

Magic:  Card 6, 6-6.

Silver Spike on the Gunnery Team, cast on a mighty 15. JB used his whole pool and dispelled with a mightier 17.

-With that it’s an open phase, cast with impunity! Boosted Word of Iron on the Tower guard to buff their Armour Save to a most respectable 3+. They kind of need it really.

Shooting:            RBT on the DoL, only managed to pull down a single guy.

The Raven Cloaks scouting mid field are determined to pull the Gunnery Team down. They got 10 hits out of 14 shots! Although they got an understandable 3W JB managed to armour save 2.

The Raven Cloaks Make An Early Strike At The Gunnery Team

Infernal Dwarves Turn 1

The Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders play Peekaboo with the RBT in the back field behind the house.

2018-09-03 20.15.58
Coo-eee little stunties! We’re comin’ ta get ya!

The Kadim Incarnates face off against the Spearelves on their side of the board.

The Disciples of Lugar dart across the field threatening the flank of the proud Tower Guard.

2018-09-03 20.15.34
Speedy dwarves? What ever next?

The Blunderbuss unit stomps over their wall heading toward the centre objective.

The Hobgoblin spears stomp right up into the face of the Raven Cloaks blocking them good and proper from causing too much of a nuisance. Closely followed by the Gunnery Team in support.

2018-09-03 20.15.42
The beginnings of an almighty great ruck!

The Immortals simply shift about to take advantage of the wall for cover. Cowards!

Magic:  Card 4.

Cascading Fire on the RBT. Cast on 9 but dispelled.

Flaming Swords on the Lugar. Fail to cast but with a single fizzle.

Haze of Magnesia on the Tower Guard, cast with 4D but only scored 9. Scott failed to dispel anyway.

Shooting:            Rocket thing on the Tower Guard. Even though the target was under half range only 3 hits were scored. With their magically buffed armour the Elven Elite shrugged off the majority of the damage and only one crispy smoky elf went down. Pah! Gotta do better than that stunties!

The Gunnery Team used its flame thrower on the Tower Guard too, managed to hit on a sexy 6, hit 6 dudes, leaving 5 dead. Ouch.

Then, because they had HoM on another 2 hits occurred but they were both armour saved.

Dread Elf Turn 2

Moves: The acolytes failed a reasonable charge on the Gunnery Team. Everything else shuffled to face the rather aggressive ID push. See pix.


Magic:  Card something.

Corruption of Tin on the Immortals to reduce their armour save. Cast on 8, but dispelled with a 3D.

Word of Iron on the Tower Guard again as they are about to get messy. Cast on a respectable 10 and JKB lets it go.

Boosted Silver Spike on the Gunnery Team to finally take out the considerable threat…but the damn thing failed to wound despite only needing a 2+ to take off the last wound.

Shots:   Scouts on the Gunnery Team, lots of hits, 4W. Pin cushioned. Not 1 save! The nearby Hobgoblin Spears don’t like that one bit and leg it from the scouts back over the hill.

The RBT targets the blunderbi, only 1 hits which failed to wound…

Infernal Dwarves Turn 2


The Kadim Incarnates restrain a frenzy charge on the elf Spearmen.

The wolf riders round the house and threaten the RBT at point blank range.

Let the irritation commence!


The Hobgoblin Spears rally on their second attempt and turn to face the brewing fight.

The Blunderbutts march right past the centre Battle Objective to threaten the Tower Guard, the Lugars rearranging themselves to keep in the aforementioned units flank still.

2018-09-03 20.53.03
Come bite my fiery ass big-lizard-thing!

The Kadim Incarnates completely ignore the encroaching Spear Elves and fly towards mid field and the broiling stand-off. Things gone get busy soon…

Magic– Card Some. Some dice to some dice.

Scott unravels his Binding Scroll to eliminate Haze of Magnesia from JBs arsenal for a turn.

Flaming Swords went on the Blunderbuss, cast with a healthy 10, Scott lets it go as he fears worse things are in the pipe line. The Blaze attribute went on the Tower Guard doing 3 wounds and leaving 2 dead.

Cascading Fire on the poor Tower Guard, cast on another 10 but Scott uses lots of dice to extinguish it.

Shots:   The Wolf Riders pepper the RBT, managing to do an exciting 4 hits. Only 1 wound mind. But that went through! The annoyed elf crew pass their panic test.

The Rocket Launcher targets the unfortunate Tower Guard. 11 smegging hits! 10 wounds. With their magically buffed armour the majority are saved but 4 die.

Dread Elf Turn 3

Movement:        Charge!

The Tower Guard charge the Hobgoblin spears in an attempt to clear them off in short order…but fail…even though it was a below average distance. Poor Scott. To show his disconcertment he elicits an arse scratch and beer burp combo at his elite Troops.

After much meticulous deliberation Scott orders a mass change of tact …. His spears on the right flank move to support the TG who are about to get flanked by nearly naked Dwarfs hopefully freeing up the elites a lot quicker and get them into something decant.

The Raven Cloaks leg it over the hill out of harm’s way ready to run in some interference with the incoming Blunderbi.

A hasty realignment of the eleven battle line.

The Acolytes dodge through the Infernal Line and threaten the flank of the Hobgoblin Spears.

The Spearelves on the Left flank march test in order to catch up with the Incarnates or head toward the rocket battery.

Magic:  card 8 9-7

Boosted Silver Spike on the Blunderbums, cast on a respectable12 but dispelled on a mighty 20 with 4D.

Corrosion of Tin on the same unit. Failed to cast but with 2 fizzles.

Word of Iron to keep the Tower Guard alive. JB failed to Dispel.

Quicksilver Lash on the Hobgoblins but failed to cast. Hm, magic is letting the elves down.

Shooting:            RBT into the Wolf Rider top see them off. It kills 2 and the rest head for the field edge.

Scout on the Blunderarses. Short range. 8 hits, 2 wounds 2 dead.

Infernal Dwarves Turn 3.

Moves:                 COUNTER CHARGE!

The Disciples of Lugar slam into the BSB’s flank. The Hobgoblins go into the front of the tower guard.

I dont have a photo because im an idiot.

The Immortal try a long bomb charge on the sorceress who holds, but they just don’t have the legs. Literally.

The Kadim Incarnates go into the RBT. Again, no picture, imbecile.

The Blunderbuss waddle towards the scout on the hill ready to unleash hell.

The Wolf Riders Rally with snake eyes and turn back round to face the sorceress in the distance.

2018-09-03 21.23.46
The pesky Hobgoblin Wolf Riders rally on snake eyes!

Magic:                  Card 2

Flaming Swords on the Hobgrots. Cast on 9. Nemeroth lets it go. The attribute went on the scouts but failed to do any harm.

Cascading Fire single diced, but Scott manages to dispel on a single dice!

Haze of Magnesia on tower Guard probably, but dispelled with and by lots.


Rocket on acolytes, 2 wounds, 1 aegised, 1 dead. Not enough for a panic.

The blunderbuss let rip at the scouts, 8 hits doubles to 16 hits all told. Loads of AS! Still, nevertheless dead.

Combat:               Its about bloody time too.

The embattled RBT crew manage to pass their fear test then strike out at the Kadims. They actually get a wound through!

Despite the protection offered to the elves by the wall the Incarnates blatt the thing into a pulp then reform to face the centre field.

In the big combat near the second objective, the Elven BSB Captain starts the bloody proceedings.

Encouraged by his units Banner of Something and Such he downs two of the demented dwarves.

The Tower Guard get heavy on the Gobbos, despite lots of 1s to hit they still manage to butcher 13 of the lil’ bastards.

Entertainingly enough the HGs retaliate doing a respectful handful of wounds but only dispatching one of the heavily armoured elves.

The Lugars themselves only manage to take down a single elf.

The BSBs raptor bites the head of another Lugar.

The Lugars Volcanic Embrace failed to do anything.

The Lugars are unbreakable so stick for another round. After a second attempt the Hobgoblins stick with the aid of the BSB.

No pix. Sorry.

Dread Elf Turn 4


It’s hotting up, but we’re all very tired in and it’s really late.

The right hand Spears charge into to the Lugars to lend their ranks to the combat. Which will prove to be confusing when we come to working out combat resolution. Let us know if we did anything wrong. We had to look stuff up and everything.

2018-09-03 21.48.47
Pile On!

The spearelves at the other end of the field race towards the rocket battery in the field intent on silencing the thing for good.

The Acolytes chaff up the Blunderbuss as best they can to stop them adding to the big combat swirl around the hill.

The Sorceress gets the smeg outta dodge! Careful to not get zapped by the Rocket Battery.

Magic:  Card 2 7-5

Cascading Fire/ Something? on the Acolytes but failed to cast.

Word of Iron on Tower Guard, boosted, JB failed to dispel with one fizzle.

Silver Spike on the Immortals but failed to cast. Nemeroth is having a bad time with magic.

Shooting:            None it’s all dead.

Combat:               The Captain  BSB manages to wound a couple of the annoying Lugars still perched on the flank of his unit, but one manages its aegis save.

The recently arrived spears poke away at the same unit doing 2 wounds too but both get aegisized!

The Tower Guard chop away at the Hobgoblins. Every attack hit, there was a small handful of re-rollable 1s, a smaller handful of 2’s and 10 Gits went down.

The Lugars strike the Tower Guard killing too proud Guards.

The Hobgits fail to do anything noteworthy.

The Raptor eats Aegis save and nothing else.

The Volcanic embraces fails to do any damage.

Shock horror, the Hobgrots shart themselves and peg it a measly 4. The damn Lugars hold on in there. MVPs right there? Unfortunately, because of the proximity of the Acolytes the Tower Guard can’t reform to bring their warrior to bare. Check this tho…or cant without taking combatants out contact.

Infernal Dwarf Turn 4

Moves:                 Hammer time!

The Immortals make a longish charge into the Tower Guard. Poss in flank.

2018-09-03 22.05.03
Keerrunch! The Immortals join the messy combat.

The Kadims explode on to the Spears dawdling about on the far flank.

N.B. – Scott realises at this point that he hasn’t made a single successful charge roll except the auto-in by the Spears. Harrumph.

The Damn hobgrots rally and face the acolytes.

The Hobraiders went on a sorceress hunt.

Magic:  Card things and stuff

HoM on the Tower Guard but Nemeroth dispels

Flaming Swords but failed to cast with 2 fizzle.

Boosted Cascading Fire on the Tower Guard in combat. Failed to dispel, although 1 huge armour save is made 4 die. The attribute goes on the acolytes toasting one. They pass their panic.

Shooting:            blunderbuss open up on the acolytes. 14 hits, 14 wounds and not one aegis I think, dissolved the unit. Its what they’re for! Blunderbuss= elven chaff exterminators.

The Rocket battery can’t see anything.

Combat:               The Spears fail their fear test but jab away mercilessly at the Kadim Incarnates. They do a butt load of hits, maned to take 2 wounds off the already damaged daemon thing.

The Incarnates go and squash 5 guys, their stomp kills another 2 and their volcanic embrace kills a further 2. Smashy smashy!

The poor elves break due to fear and are run down by the fiery monsters. The Incarnates end up in the woods where they started and take a couple of wounds from DTs. JBs still happy with their performance however.

In the huge melee mess near the furthest objective the BSB Captain finally dispatches the last 2 Lugars. Phew!

The Tower guard go on the Immortals slaying 4.

The Immortal’s BSB manages to break an elf.

The Immortal themselves pull down 3.

Now as I understand it, because the lugars went down the spears were pulled out of combat so couldn’t add their ranks to the result. But on the second nerve jangling roll the Elf Bsb kept his unit in line. They go on to pass a reform test to face the angry Immortals. As do the recently freed spears next to them.

Dread Elf Turn 5

Manouvers:       The Spears charge into the Immortals

2018-09-03 22.39.17
About face! The stalwart elves wont back down.

The Sorceress dodges. I don’t think there’s much left to move!

Magic:  Card 5, 8-5

CF? on Immortals, failed to cast with 2 fizzle.

Corruption of Tin on Immortals, but dispelled.

Silver Spear in the flank of the Hobgoblins. JB doesn’t care and 3 are impaled, the rest run 4 again.

Combat:               BSB Captain, hits with everything, wounds with everything and 3 immortals go down. Boom! That’s how it’s done. He’s found his rhythm.

The Tower Guard get lucky with their spell and do lots of hits killing 5 Immortals. Oucheroo.

The spears don’t hit a damn thing even on 3+.

The ID Vizier kills a Tower Guard.

The raptor manages to get a wound through with the aid of the spell, but its armour saved away.

The immortals hack up 3 Tower Guard.

The Immortals just manage to pass their stubborn break check and reshuffle their lines.

Infernal Dwarf Turn 5

Moves:                 The Blunderbi charwge the flank of the spears.

The Wolf Riders continue to harass the sorceress.

The Hobgoblins fail to rally (and don’t turn if we would have played turn 6.)

I believe Ulthred forgot to move his Kadims or simply didn’t care as they wouldn’t have done anything in the close of battle as they were too far away.

Magic:                  card 8, 10-7

Haze of Magnesia on spears, cast on 7. Big 4D dispel.

Bubble Flaming Swords on everyone. Cast 15, lets it go.

Boosted Cascading Fire on Spears, failed to dispel. 11 mighty hits, 10 mightier wounds. 3 saved 7 dead.

Shoots:                 Rocket, no target. The wolf rider plunk at the sorceress but do noting.

Combat:               The Captain singles out the enemy BSB puts 2 wounds on him! Revenge!

The Tower guard champion tries the same target but fails.

2 spears on jab at the Blunderbuss guys but fail. The rest manage to pull down 2 immortals.

The Prophet hits the spears, killing a guy.

The Infernal BSB twats the Tower Guard Champ.

Blunderbuss fail to kill any spears.

The raptor bites the head of the BSB! MVP!

The Immortals cleft 4 spearmen. Its 17-10, auto breaks all round. The Blunderbuss run down the spears and the Immortals run down the lone BSB.

We call it there with what’s left of the Infernal army facing down the lone Sorceress, I doubt there was much she could do to avoid every charge, every spell or every blunderbuss and rocket shot. Poor woman.

Uh oh. Bad times, Lady. Abort!


As it was late and we were all knackered and couldn’t think properly we decided that no-one got close enough to the secondary objectives to claim them…mainly because everyone had started to tidy their stuff away before we did the results.

Anyways, it turns out 15-5 to the Infernal Dwarves.


For the Dread Elves, it has to be the BSB Captain, slogging through dwarves in combat and keeping his retinue holding the line. Furthermore did the most damage to the Enemy BSB to take him out of action.

For the Infernal Dwarves…tough one. Even if they didn’t cause much damage every unit played a part and did something reasonably noteworthy. Even the lowly Hobgoblin Wolfriders! They took a volley from the RBT in the face and still managed to rally, get stuck back in and hold them up for another turn. Pass. JB, who was your MVP?

Final Thoughts and Wrap Up:

Gentlemen, I believe we have discussed the following points, but just for the benefit of the readers and aspiring Naughty Elf and Dwarf Generals-

Scott, ditch the magic! Well, don’t because that’s a huge part of your play style. We’re only playing 3000pts.   Just take an adept with the Magic Heirloom. As JB probably quite rightly pointed out, you’re unlikely to consistently get enough power to cast every spell in your arsenal well in every phase.

Do it the Dread Elf Way: Strike fast, strike true and strike dishonourably!

Jonbob, stop being so jammy with your armour and aegis saves! Damn you!

As we discussed many time, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Pyromancey is perfect for our Meta. It would be silly and counterproductive to take anything else.  However, any IF generals out there finding other lore’s for the IF worth taking?

Pyro- the bane of Resilience 3, lightly armoured troops. And elves fit both those categories. Speaking/ grunting as a Greenskin, we too fall into that catergory…but we can afford to lose the troops! Pointy ears cannot. I’m seeing the Dread Elves suffer so horrendously on the way in from ranged attacks before they get to bring their full combat might to the enemy. They just don’t have enough guys left to do the job by the time they’ve got there. And recently old JB has been moving pretty aggressively across the field.

Scott, my dear Dread Lord, you always play a fantastic and eye opening magic phase, dice permitting. Other Dread Lord out there, pay attention. But I’m noting that it usually comes in the form of hexes and buffs and sexy shenanigans. Incredibly entertaining to watch. However, no real long ranged threat to make the enemy sit up and pay attention. No board control. I wouldn’t know what to recommend but maybe some out there does?

Both of you, work your deployment out once you’ve settled on a list! I have to do it that way because Im green and my units usually have such a big foot print. But list, plan and deployment are all as important as each other!

Er, think that’s it. But I’m running out of time so that will have to do. Comments, notes, pointers, corrections, speak up!

Thanks for reading.


The Satyr.